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Construction Hoist Training

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Construction hoists are used on many construction sites to vertically transport passengers and materials. They are most commonly powered by diesel engines/electric motors that rotate a drum around which a wire rope is wound. Hoists may also be hydraulically powered, and use chains as the lifting mechanism rather than wire rope.

All hoist landings and hoist bases where the winch is situated, must be fitted with guards, usually sliding or lifting gates for access, should be well guarded to prevent injury.

Hoist Training:

Autec Training offer hoist training courses for novices and semi-experienced candidates. Operator testing is for those that require no further training. 

Passenger Hoists:

Passenger hoists are designed to lift passengers, but can also be used for materials as long as the weight is within the loading capacity of the hoist. Hoist types can vary from a single cage with rope suspension to a twin cage on a rack and pinion mounted on two sides of a hoist tower. They are usually controlled within the cage, and there must be additional safety devices to prevent over-run or free-fall, operator hoist training is essential in passenger safety.


Construction Hoist Training

Certificates and Qualifications

What will I get?

Once you have successfully completed Autec’s Hoist Training course, you will be issued with an Autec Training certificate of competency.

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